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The Levis Process

Bringing your brand story to light


Under The Microscope

We start learning about your company and your brand story before we even say hello. When we reach out to potential clients, it’s because we see value in a relationship.

  1. Zooming InWe check out your branding, your market and your current advertising.
  2. AnalyzeWe look into the options that will solve problems and produce results.
  3. Consider and ProposeWe use the data available to make an initial action plan.

The Scientific Method

Now that it’s official, the work begins. There are many tools that we can use to get to know your business, your market and the challenges you are facing.

  1. Meetings + Goal SettingWe meet with you, the sales team and the stakeholders. We learn the full story and set achievable goals.
  2. Gather DataWe analyze existing data and gather new, in-depth data using a range of tools and technologies.
  3. Recommend & ReviseWe’ll discuss our findings and guidelines to ensure a solid foundation.

Proving the Theory

Now we put the data to work. With your insights, our expertise and a well-researched strategy, we can start building the tools to put your plan into action.

  1. ClarityBetween our team and yours, we’ll prepare a plan that keeps everyone involved.
  2. PartnershipsWe may bring in strategic partners with specialized knowledge to maximize our results.
  3. DeliveryWe deliver each phase of the project and ensure you are confident in your roles.

Our Story Continues

When we deliver a project, we ensure a smooth handoff to you, as well as recommendations for implementing, adopting or maintaining your product. 

We hope that your initial project completion is just the beginning of an ongoing partnership to help you realize your aspirations for your company or organization.