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Insights & Processes

Success is Good Process Refined and Repeated

We value innovation. We are excited by cutting edge. We think we're always searching for something new and improved. What we need to remember is that no matter how innovative, no matter how cutting edge an idea may seem, the truly successful ideas are built using a few fundamental blocks. At the base of every idea is a problem and a deep desire for a solution.

From there, we build.

The process behind developing effective communications, whether with your customers, your partners or your employees, is very similar. First, we listen. Then we ask questions that get us to that foundation stone - what is the problem here that needs to be solved? Are we honest about what that problem is? Do we have what we need to solve it?

Once we have the foundation pieces in place, we can bring other experts in to help. We look for the most effective and creative ways to solve the problem. We work with clients to tell their stories.

Everyone has a great story. It's how you tell it that sets you apart. 

There are pages of articles of lists of directions on how marketing "works". Some say it's all about storytelling; others that it's being clear, concise and direct. Others put their client at the center of every message. Still others build a fantastic brand that clients can rally behind and find their identity within.

Depending on who you listen to, there are a dozen different ways to take your product to market. So where do you turn?

The one thing that all these articles have in common is that the strategy they are raving about netted real results for Company A, B or C. Real MEASURABLE results. Sales were up, Brand interaction skyrocketed. Social media followers exploded. For whatever metric a company felt was important, that particular strategy pushed the needle higher than any other.

We may use any number of strategies to push a brand. We may think that telling a story gets results, We may tell a company that their best bet is to push a single tagline. It may be to reach out to a whole new market. It may be retelling a well known story to re-engage your existing clientele.

The difference is that before, during and after a campaign, we'll measure what works. We'll shine a light on your data and keep on lighting it up until we know what works.