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Levis Media is a Saskatoon-based media company interested in building the big picture of how a smart media strategy actually works.

We strive for transparency - with our clients and with our employees - because we believe that open source is the best way to get the right solutions.

We don’t profess to be experts - we’re experienced students of strategy, of the psychology of good UX and of technology built to create solutions. We are ready to share our experience and knowledge with our employees, and to learn from their own experiences in marketing and multimedia.

That's the long way of saying, "We welcome new ideas and want to hire people who love to share them and learn even more."

We love creativity, but we love logic, too. Can you bridge both sides? Then come on in, sit down, and let’s have a chat.

But first, a few details on who we’re looking for at the moment.

Positions Close

Senior Server Administrator

Levis Media is looking for an experienced server administrator on a part time or contract basis to assist with maintaining our host server environment for our web and web app clients.

We need an expert level sever admin who can work with limited training and oversight on the tech stack as listed below. Remote work opportunity.

  • Linux (CentOS)
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • CPanel
  • WHM to host multiple websites and domains

Other skills considered an asset for applicants is a comprehensive knowledge of the entire web stack of technologies, including:

  • Web Browsers across all operating systems
  • HTTP Protocol
  • Networking concepts
  • Server side email troubleshooting
  • Customer service and advanced troubleshooting via phone and email
  • Server security
  • Virtualization, VMs, Hypervisors
  • Firewalls
  • General web development

Applicants will not be required to develop for web, but will rather be required to understand the underlying software that websites and apps are built on, and be able to competently troubleshoot any concerns. We require a diligent, self motivated and discreet candidate able to work with clients directly and with our team to solve problems, sometimes off peak work hours.

Compensation based on skills and experience and subject to negotiations. Contract companies/individuals need to have a valid GST number. Company applicants please submit your current capacity, hourly rates and client experience.

Send information to Fateme Naderpour at 

Thank you for your interest. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.