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Levis Media was founded by four individuals who shared a common vision of what a marketing and digital tech company could be. When the opportunity to join forces knocked, we all jumped in with both feet. Passion, experience and a shared sense of humour keep us pulling together in the same direction.

Levis means light, and it serves to remind us that transparency and honesty should guide brand strategy, web design, and digital marketing in our relationships with clients. We love projects that excite us and challenge us to think differently.

Whether we're taking a new brand to the market or helping a well-established brand find a new voice to reach their stakeholders, each of us brings our specialized skills to the projects we build to make sure that our clients get exactly what they need to thrive.

We value relationships and partnerships with our clients, within our company and with others in the industry who have the passion and skill to revitalize how companies speak their brand. Together, we're ready to shine a new light on your brand.

Meet Our Team

Jared Fedorchuk

Jared Fedorchuk

Michelle Beckett
Operations Director

Michelle Beckett

Andrew McWiggan
Vice President

Andrew McWiggan

Fateme 2
Technical Director

Fateme Naderpour

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