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Levis Media COVID-19 Update

The team here is very grateful and aware of our industry advantage in our ability to continue to operate even under social distancing and self isolation. Our work easily allows us to work remotely between team members and with our clients, via email, online messaging, video conferencing and calls. 

As such, during this time, our staff is given the option, and we encourage them, to work from home, and we continue to provide services, consultation, and support for our clients.

We are also still making time to book virtual meetings with our connections, and encourage you to reach out to us, not just to discuss business, but to stay engaged as a great way to handle working remotely, which can be a very challenging transition for many. Please let us know if you'd like to arrange a time for a call or video meeting with us.

Projects underway will progress normally, so please get in touch with your project team anytime with questions or requests. Most deadlines will be unaffected on our end, but we do know that many of our clients will be dealing with higher priority concerns, so please just let us know if any project work needs to be delayed to give you and your employees the opportunity to adjust to new work situations.

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy, and finding ways to stay optimistic in these challenging times.