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Farmbucks Launches in Western Canada

A farmer is never just a farmer.

Sure, they put seed in the ground, spray during the growing season and harvest the crop in the fall, but they are responsible for so much more than that. On any given day, a farmer can be a heavy duty mechanic, an electrician, a carpenter, a biologist, a stock trader, a gambler and maybe even a hockey coach. That’s a lot of different hats to wear in one day.

Yet there are jobs that certain farmers excel at, and certain jobs that they would rather avoid. And sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. This is why Farmbucks was created.

Revolutionizing the way you source grain prices

Farmbucks was created because farmers need access to the best possible prices for the crops they work so hard on. Farmers needed a fast, more efficient way to compare grain and oilseed prices, so Farmbucks built it.

Farmbucks offers a one-stop-shop for grain prices. By working together with reputable buyers in the industry, they collect, sort and display the best prices for farmers according to their location and crop grades. 

One of a kind

Today, Farmbucks is the only Western Canadian app that provides this essential service to farmers. Built for farmers by farmers, Farmbucks is here to help farmers save time while getting the best prices available. 

Check it out at
Download the app on the Google Play Store (coming soon to the iOS App Store).